(v0.1) The Is Horrible Technology Hour

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Sunday, May 14, 2017

Where is Vinny: The state where you get a free college education unless you’re an illegal North Dakotan.

Where is Chris: One stop away from an active crime scene investigation on the Metro.

What made the show: The biggest worm panic of the year was stopped when a security researcher did something unintentionally hilarious (spoiler: he bought the domain); Chris talks to his new favorite author on Twitter; Trump did what the Democrats asked and fired Comey, now the Democrats are upset; North Korea test fired another missile obliterating a floating pile of sticks from Waterworld near Russia; speaking of bombs, did you know Philly had one dropped on it in 1985 by its police? (Yes.) And GoPro sucks. No really, they do. And even more new podcasts join the is.media family!

What didn’t make the show: Even more reasons why GoPro is awful.

This Week Is Horrible: “And lots of other stuff is fun… No wait… That’s a different show… Lot’s of stuff is horrible…”

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