(v0.2) The Is Horrible Technology Hour II

Who: Chris Roberts and Vincent Ferrari

When: Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where is Chris: The home of the Cuckmander in Chief.

Where is Vinny: His comfy cozy office where he’s no longer sick.

What was supposed to make the show but ended up just being discussed in the last ten minutes: Information we got from Jared Kushner’s secret Russian backchannel; an asshole in Manchester thought he’d win people over for the Jihadi cause by blowing up a bunch of childrenGREG GIANFORTE OUTTA NOWHERE!!!! Greg Gianforte has now had more clean victories than Roman Reigns; people can smell what Greg Gianforte is cooking, but they’re scared to tell him; trying to upstage Trump’s WWE run, Greg Gianforte auditions for Smackdown.

What absolutely made the show: Apparently all of you like it when Vinny and I talk about technology so we’ll just do that, okay? (And during the show we just decided that we’re going to spin this off into a second podcast. You’re welcome.) Adam Curry’s Podcaster Pro is 2015’s best new technology; podcasting is hard and expensive, but why do we do it? Chris wants a DJi Spark, so he’s going to get one; the Nintendo Switch is pretty neat.

What didn’t make the show: America now dies a little bit everyday between 5 and 5:30PM

This Week Is Horrible: “This week pretty much sucked, and we have two weeks to cover, and that’s horrible.”

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